Whether hiking or diving, setting off on a peaceful nature walk or an adrenaline-fuelled jeep safari, take advantage of Crete’s varied and beautiful landscape in embarking on a memorable holiday adventure!


Set off on foot with a bottle of water and map in tow, and get lost in the maze of Chania’s old town, visiting key sites along the way, spanning the Old Venetian Harbour to the town’s agora.


Food, glorious, food! The Mediterranean diet is famed for a reason, and Crete is no exception in its love for all things gastronomy. Explore the island’s oenological and gastronomy landscape via a guided tour or through an organized cooking lesson.


Long faithful to Orthodox Christianity, the modern island of Crete is inextricably linked with its religious roots. Trace its development and visit important monuments via a guided religious tour.


Discover Crete’s rich cultural and historical heritage in embarking on a dedicated guided tour: a trip through history; a trip of a lifetime!