Green Planet

Our goal

The goal of the Hyperion City Hotel is to limit its environmental footprint as much as possible while respecting our planet through four basic principles:

  • Energy saving.
  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Minimize waste.
  • Use fewer natural resources.
  • Reducing our usage of harmful cleaning chemicals and replacing these with eco-friendly products wherever possible.
  • Use low-energy light bulbs in public areas.

Be a part of this endevator

If you would like to be part of this endeavor please follow the simple rules below:

  • Choose not to change your sheets every 2nd day.
  • Re-use your towel.
  • When leaving your room, make sure you switch off the air conditioner or heating and turn off the lights and electrical appliances.
  • Adjust the air condition of your room to 25C.
  • Unplug your mobile charger when charging is complete.
  • Close the curtains to keep your room temperature.
  • Use bathroom cosmetics wisely.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and taps.