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  • 1. Chania old harbor & Beach of Nea Chora
  • 2. Halepa Chania
  • 3. Tombs of Venizelos
  • 4. Courts Square
  • 5. Chania Public Market
  • 6. Old Venetian Harbour
  • 7. Koum Kapi



Modern Hotel. Historic Location.

Sightseeing in Chania has never been easier thanks to Hyperion City Hotel’s enviable position to the east of the old town, a pleasant stroll away from the old Venetian harbour, in the historic heart of Koum Kapi.

Nestled picturesquely and peacefully on the north-west of the island of Crete, Chania is alive with a vibrant history and culture, and mesmerising mythology. And as one of the hotels near Chania town, Hyperion City Hotel gives its guests the key to unlocking our beautiful city’s secrets.

In fact, in being uniquely situated in the famed quarter of Koum Kapi as well as just a short walk away from the shore, Hyperion City Hotel reimagines the potential of Chania hotels near the beach, allowing for an enriched holiday combining both culture-based ventures, and sun-and-sea-lounging.

Below are just a handful of recommended points of interest our guests might like to explore, in taking advantage of staying in one of the freshest and most premium hotels near Chania town.


Situated along the coast to the east of Chania’s old town, the Koum Kapi district’s shoreline is embellished with hip and trendy cafés, bar, and taverns in catering to curious travellers and locals alike seeking something more from their daily adventures.

The name Koum Kapi endures from the island’s Ottoman rule, and means ‘sand gate’. Prior to the conquering of Chania to Turkish rule, the city was under the governance of the Venetians, who built three gates into their fortifications. One of which leading to a sandy beach was known as ‘Porta Sabbionara’, or ‘Gate of Sand’. To this day, in contrast to its other two counterparts, Porta Sabbionara still stands at the intersection of Epimenidou Street and Miaouli Street in the Koum Kapi quarter.


A crowning jewel in Chania’s regal tourist offerings is its Old Venetian Harbour. Utterly charming, the harbour was originally brought to life by the Venetians between 1320 and 1356, serving as an important commercial and military port. Since then, and following the island’s conquering by other nations (namely, Turkey and Egypt), the harbour area has been enriched with buildings reflecting these influences. Today, it stands as an intriguing labyrinth brimming with shops, cafés, bar, and restaurants, making for a captivating day out.


Built between 1911 and 1913, the Chania Public Market has served as the beating heart of the town for over 100 years. Spanning a massive 4,000m2, visitors today will delight in the hustling, bustling atmosphere, and the plethora of shops selling local products and souvenirs.